Tips for Staging Your Home

June 25th, 2015

Recently I saw a presentation by Shauna Lynn Simon from Beyond the Stage Homes.  She is a home stager in Waterloo Region.  She mentioned that depersonalizing and decluttering a home are very important steps to take prior to selling a home or an investment property.  She said that, “Today’s Buyers like homes that are move in ready!”.  Moreover, she stated, “63% of Buyers will pay more for move in ready condition!”  “The percentage of Buyers who can see past clutter is low”, she said. 

She offered her Top 3 Tips for staging a home:

1.    If it doesn’t add to the decor, get rid of it

2.    Baskets make everything look pretty and organized. 

3.    If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it!

Eliminate old phones and kleenex boxes.  Don’t block rough ins for bathrooms in the basement from view with boxes and clutter. 

I highly recommend her services if you are thinking about selling your homeGo to for more information.

Posted by Bill Keay.

Top 5 Spring Maintenance Tips

March 29th, 2013

This Spring you should do some seasonal maintenance around your home and investment property.

1) It is a good idea to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  I do this when the clocks change in the spring and fall.  It gives you a good excuse to go and see your rental property.

2) Change the furnace filter and furnace humidifier and clean your cold air returns and heating vents.  Also, this gives you an excuse to go in and check your rental property.

3) Have your wood fireplace or wood stove cleaned and or chimney cleaned and serviced as needed.

4)  Check your eavestroughs and downspouts for loose joints and secure attachments to your home to make sure water flows away from your home.

5) Take off your air conditioner cover, and put window screens back on.  Clean windows.

Posted by Bill Keay

This is what I am about!

December 24th, 2012

2012 was a great year.  Looking back I see that I volunteered 26 hours with the Westvale Community Association.  I helped organize the Family Fun Skates, delivered newsletters, participated in the Carnival and organized the Corn Roast.  Also, I volunteered 6 hours with Operation Christmas Child in Waterloo.  We sorted and checked over 14,000 boxes on the 2 shifts that I worked.  Also, I volunteered 2 hours with the Kitchener Waterloo Association of Realtors with their Adopt a Highway Campaign.  Unfortunately we were rained out the second time this year.  I am a volunteer Director with the Waterloo Region Apartment Management Association and I made it to most of the board meetings this year and I helped sell some of WRAMA’s leases and documents for landlords.  In addition to this I volunteered 9 hours for the YARD SALE FOR THE CURE at Re/max Solid Gold Realty.    We raised $7500 for the Cure for Breast Cancer.  Lastly, I ran in the Terry Fox Run in Waterloo and I raised $1400 for the TF foundation.  I would like to thank all the people who sponsored me for the run!  Overall, I volunteered over 50 hours this year to the local area community.

Posted by Bill Keay.

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